Snow Blower Repair+Maintenance, NJ

Snow Blower Maintenance Tips

Below we put together several tips on things you can do yourself to keep your snow blower running well. 

Snow Blower Maintenance Tips:

  • Prepare your snow blower BEFORE it starts snowing.
  • Run the snow blower to warm it up. This helps the oil flow more easily. Turn off the machine before pulling the drain plug. Have a container ready to pour the oil into it. Replace the plug, then fill your snow blower with oil.
  • Remember to use fresh gasoline before using your snow blower. Adding fuel stabilizer will help to prevent clogs and keeps the gas fresh longer.
  • Make sure your spark plugs are clean with no deposits on them and are snugly seated.
  • Check all belts for cracks or signs of wear and tear. Replace as needed.
  • Check the auger paddles for wear and tear. If they don't hit the ground, they need to be replaced.
  • If the shave plate on a single-stage snow blower is worn, reverse it. This scrapes the snow off your walkway.
  • If the shave plate is worn on a two-stage snow blower, replace it.
  • Check the skid shoes on your two-stage snow blower. Most are reversible. They let you change the height of the auger. If it is worn, flip them over to make use of the other side. Be sure to replace them next year.
  • Keep extra Shear Pins on-hand. They connect the gear case to the auger. Meant as a safety feature, if the gear case and auger are overloaded, the shear pins will break.

Why Pancoast Repair?

We are centrally located in New Egypt, New Jersey.  We service Ocean, Monmouth and Mercer Counties. For a nominal fee, one of our staff will pick up and deliver your snow blower for those who live within a 60 mile radius.

Remember to practice safety when working on any equipment. If you’re not comfortable working with engines or don’t have the time, contact us. We work with all brands and types of snow blowers. 

Want to know more? Check out our Snow Blower Maintenance & Repair website page for more details.