Chip Off The Old Block

Mechanics has been in our family as far back as I can remember. My Dad was a mechanic- I remember as a child, following him around always asking what he was doing, how things worked and what he was doing to fix them. I learned a great deal from him, and am now passing on this tradition by teaching my three sons, the same way I was taught.

My interest in mechanics stayed with me through High School, and I signed up for and aced Mechanics in the local Vo-Tech School. During my freshman year, I was the youngest to receive the “Small Engines Mechanics” award for the State of New Jersey.

I setup my own business with the commitment to provide honest and high quality mechanical work. We pride ourselves on the outstanding reputation for quality customer service and automotive/small engine maintenance and service that we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Every customer is very important to us- we want you to leave satisfied and happy to recommend us to your family and friends.

Pancoast Family
Pancoast Family

My Team:

Pancoast Repair Staff
Pancoast Repair Staff

I’m proud of the technicians that work with me- they all have the same work ethic that I was brought up with and treat whatever equipment/vehicle they are working on as though it was their own.
Each is trained as technicians and automotive mechanics, and most are from the local area, right here in the Ocean County, NJ. Like myself, they stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the automotive industry through ongoing schooling and training.
If you ever have any questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact me.

– Jason Pancoast, Owner